This is a Sample Post

We can use “posts” to add announcements, news stories, and articles to your website. We can link to the posts in two different ways. First, we can make one of your five pages a “posts page” that displays your posts chronologically; … Read More

Custom Color Scheme

We use these three steps to create a custom color scheme for your website: 1. Choose a highlight color that matches your brand color or the main image on your homepage. This interactive color picker shows the many colors that … Read More

Color Buttons

We can create buttons with a rectangular or curved border and custom colors. We can add icons too! Sample Button Colors We can create buttons with any HTML color or use one of these default colors:   Custom Color Combinations … Read More

Standard and Google Fonts

Typography has a big impact on the feel and style of your site. We will pick the right font families, sizes, weights, and letter-spacing to fit your design. Standard Fonts Google Fonts We can also use any of the 800+ available … Read More