Sample Photo Galleries

We can enter multiple photos onto pages and posts using photo galleries. Our 99er theme includes several different styles:

  • Image Carousel (shown above)
  • Grid Gallery with lightboxes (shown below)
  • Image Slider (shown below)
  • Mosaic Gallery pattern with lightboxes (shown below)
  • Tiles Gallery with lightboxes (shown below)

Other photo gallery styles and infinite scroll are available as add-ons. In addition, we can turn captions on or off for any of the gallery styles shown on this page. If you would like each photo to have its own webpage, then you may be interested in our Portfolio add-on.

Grid Gallery with lightboxes

We can choose the number of images to display per row in the grid. You can click any photo to open a lightbox (photo pop up) and scroll through all the images in the gallery by clicking on back and forward arrows.

This gallery has six images per row on desktop computers (fewer on mobile) and captions turned off:

This grid gallery with lightboxes has three images per row on desktop computers (fewer on mobile) and captions turned on:

Image Slider

Images are shown one at a time.

Mosaic Gallery

Images are cropped and arranged in a rectangular mosaic pattern. This may distort the images a little.


Tiles Gallery

This is like a mosaic gallery, but images are not cropped and may not form a rectangle; but, they won’t be distorted: