Text Formatting Options

This page shows some of the different ways we can format the text on your website.

This is a 2nd level heading

Headings make long pages easier to read. We will format each heading level with a font and color to complement your site design. Heading level 1 is reserved for the main page heading  as shown above; so we will start additional headings with a 2nd level heading. We can add as many headings as needed, but shouldn’t skip heading numbers. They should always use standard outline format.

This is a 3rd level heading

This is a 4th level heading

This is a 5th level heading
This is a 6th level heading

This is strong text.
This is emphasized text.
This is a text link.
Color text stands out.
This is deleted text.
This is inserted text.
Code format is another way to highlight text.
And this text has a background color.
This is big text.
This is small text. It’s not that important.
This is XX large size text.
This is text formatted with the Courier font.
This is an abbreviation – CSS. On desktops, hover the cursor over “CSS” to see it spelled out.
This is an acronym – radar. On desktops, hover the cursor over “radar” to see what the letters stand for.

This is an unnumbered list.

  • One.
  • Two.
  • Three.

This is a numbered list.

  1. One.
  2. Two.
  3. Three.

Shortcode formats

This is a table with a caption.

Sample table: Top 5 Cat Breeds in U.S.
Rank Breed Fun Fact
1 Exotic cross between a Persian and an American shorthair
2 Ragdoll tend to go limp when picked up
3 British shorthair the most featured cat in TV, books and movies
4 Persian mentioned in hieroglyphics back to 1684 B.C.
5 Maine coon a large breed with dog-like tendencies

Divider lines with dots, gradient or a solid color can help break up the sections on a page.



Tabs help contain large amounts of text. Click Tab 2 above to see additional text.

Put more content here!


Accordians also help to manage larger amounts of text. By default, the first accordian is open when the page loads. We can remove that default so that all accordians are closed by default.

This is more text.

And more!


This line of text shows what a pull-quote looks like.


And this line shows what a blockquote looks like.


This is a simple box. It has padding and a background color. We can add opacity if we want a page background to show through. We can also add images and headings as needed.



See other format samples including images and image galleries in our blog.