The mouse police

This is a Sample Post

We can use “posts” to add announcements, news stories, and articles to your website. We can link to the posts in two different ways. First, we can make one of your five pages a “posts page” that displays your posts chronologically; but this is not required. We can also list the most recent posts on the homepage and/or in the page footers–depending on how much emphasis you want to give them.

On this sample site, we use our posts page to provide format samples for our 99er websites. We have both a posts page (called Posts) and a list of the most recent posts in the footers. We can name your post page anything you like, such as Blog, News, Updates, What’s New, Announcements, etc.

You don’t need to include posts, but we highly recommend it. Posts are easy to add and are a great way to provide new content to your site visitors. Moreover, posts are extremely search engine friendly!

Sample post edit screen

The data entry screen for this sample post.